“I change minds, change behaviors, and have fun doing it.” John Whitaker


Human Resources disruptor and lover of all things related to change in the workplace: When companies struggle with the pain involved with change and the impact on their respective people ~ he’s on the short list of people you want leading the turnaround. A Texan, he tends to amuse us (okay, he amuses himself) with colloquialisms and a cowboy’s view on our industry. 

John’s strengths include an agile approach to crafting solutions, and the ability to use his creativity, innovation, confidence and passion for collaboration to assess, develop and lead high-performing individuals and organizations .

John brings energy and ideas, often functioning as a “spark plug” leading others to innovation.  A keen eye for creating organizational efficiencies makes him ideal for challenges requiring in-depth looks at how things are done and how they can be done better.

John is adept with weaving social media into learning designs and relationship building and has a sales background that has resulted in well-developed persuasion and influence skills.

He is a proponent and model of continuous learning, with a BA from Texas A&M, Professional Development at Wharton Business School and the Center for Creative Leadership, an Executive Coaching certification from the Jindahl School of Business, and is pursuing his Masters degree in Organizational Development & HR Management.

He brings energy, insight, clarity of thinking and humor to even tough situations and is a positive addition to any project team.


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