Posting at 20,000 feet is actually rather peaceful. High above the plains of West Texas, I’m on the first of a 3-leg flight to Deer Valley, UT. That’s right – a THREE LEG flight, from Dallas to El Paso to Phoenix to Salt Lake City…….at 6am.


another day, another 2,000 advantage miles

This is what entrepreneurs do. We catch crappy flights to capitalize our Reward points, anything to reach the next potential client. This week’s quest? Deer Valley, UT for the American European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery (ACOS) Summit. Surgeons, Physicians, MD’s, and Ophthalmic Industry Leaders gather for 3-days of information sharing, case reviews, new technique demonstrations, and general revelry (it IS Deer Valley, after all.)

I’m fortunate enough to have had 12 years Human Resources experience in the Ophthalmic field, so I’m hoping to parlay that experience into a few new clients.

Successful medical practices require successful business practices ~ very few of these individuals have dedicated HR support, so we are trying to establish HR Hardball™ as the consultant of choice.

31 minutes to El Paso, 1-hour layover for the 30-minute flight to Phoenix, change planes and spend another hour flying to Salt Lake.

Consultant insider joke ~ the difference in corporate air travel and entrepreneur air travel? Answer – Only one resembles a bus ride.

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