Fridays are great days for humanizing the ol’ blog post. Appropriately qualified, I still won’t bore you with a hokey message about the lessons I learn in Little League each and every season & how they apply to life in general. You know those blogs? They are so freaking sappy, drives me crazy; stuff like:

  • Gradual improvement marked by occasional “Quantum Leaps” when you decide to trust your abilities and do things a little bit differently.
  • Using “fun” and humor instead of threats and demands, after all, it’s just baseball(work/school/money/life).
  • The power of encouragement and specific praise, and the impact of timely & challenging feedback. Don’t spread peanut-butter compliments, and don’t let unacceptable behavior go unnoticed. Pat ’em on the butt, sit ’em on the bench, both work.
  • Attitude does count…a LOT. Give me a team of little scrappers who come off the field every inning with more dirt on their uniform than the inning before – give me THAT team any day.
  • Getting a trophy is about the coolest thing in the world. Getting a trophy on the field in front of everyone is THE coolest thing in the world. You better recognize, and not always in private.
  • It’s important to realize, even as a kid, that EVERYONE makes mistakes, even the Coach. Even your parents. Even YOU.
  • Kids (people) do rise to the occasion. We see plays in the field every week during a game that we NEVER saw during practice – people will amaze you. They will also drive you to drink, but still…..

So, “Hardball“, Shmardball, I’m a big softie at heart. Like most of us, when we strip away all the noise in our life, it comes down to the small things. And for me, looking at this picture, those are smiles from two sincerely happy people.


Father’s Day comes in May

btw, we LOST this game.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ and proud coach of the 2nd Place Reds. 

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