No matter which side of the desk you’re on, the word “assessment” is a buzz-kill.


“you’ll love this next part…”

Part of the problem is the number of assessments available; it’s ridiculous how much noise is out there.

Another part of the problem is the mis-use of assessments; oh sure, we’re all told there are “no wrong answers,” but c’mon, who are we kidding? Of course there are wrong answers, why the hell would we even bother? Using DiSC as an example ~ I’ve been in the room when it was stated quite clearly that “we don’t want any more S profiles…

How about relevance? You’re giving me an assessment for what reason, exactly? I’m of the opinion that an assessment for the sake of an assessment is a waste of time. What will make me an ideal employee/teammate/leader? Is this assessment going to help you determine any of that? If not, get rid of it.

We get a little jaded in HR simply because of the amount of exposure we have to assessments ~ maybe we’ve seen behind the curtain too many times to appreciate the intention of the actual application of the assessment. We need to use that perspective as a benefit to our employers; challenge the assessments being used by your internal customers. Is it stale? Is it still relevant? What are we hoping to glean from the results?

I’m actually a fan of the use of assessments. My issue is with the type and the reason behind the use; being “INTJ” doesn’t mean jack-squat to anyone 24 hours after the results delivery. Give me something I can appreciate, understand, and implement!

Sorry, that’s just my “High D” talking.


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