Guess what confuses a potential hire more than any other intangible? Despite the courtship, the hospitality, and the grand treatment during the recruiting process, they still don’t know one key nugget of information:

“What’s it REALLY like to work here?” 

The new responsibilities are great, the money is crackalackin‘, the title suits you just fine, but what happens on Day 1? Day 60? Day 360? What if the whole recruiting exercise was all a big dog & pony show?

As a job candidate, I can read your values on posters in every hallway, I can check out Glassdoor reviews, but is that really how it works here? Buyer’s remorse is a tremendous fear for anyone who is successful in their current position but finds themselves the subject of a job change. All things considered equal, the prospect of comfort over uncertainty can be a deal-breaker.

That’s what candidates want to know, and it’s your job (look at me when I’m talking to you), whether you are the recruiter or the hiring manager, to give them the clearest picture you can provide.

LinkedIn just released their 2016 trend report on “How Candidates Want to be Recruited” and this message comes through loud and clear. The #1 reason a candidate is reluctant to change jobs is simple – it’s a lack of information about the true work experience for which they are enlisting. Not the job description, but the day in the life of an employee in your company. What’s the pace? How are mistakes tolerated? And why the hell isn’t anyone smiling?

We are all the transparent chaperone for professionals considering a difficult change. If they can’t trust you to give them the real scoop, you may be not be hiring them ~ you will be renting them.