Episode 12 brings us Kyle Roed, senior HR practitioner with CPM Holdings, author of the “New School HR” blog, and the creator and host of the Rebel HR Podcast, found wherever you fancy your podcast platforming.
We prove that we can both go in any number of interesting tangents, and slowly peel the Kyle Roed onion to reveal a closet bad-ass who reveals an earlier profession that belies all appearances. 
We discuss dumb HR rules, the chickenshit switch, cross-dressing, thrash metal, confirmation bias and the value of having a voice when you land in Human Resources.
Get your comfy clothes on, this one goes 1-hour & change, I suggest a Bailey’s & Creme with just an added skosh of grandpa’s cough syrup….if you catch my drift.

*starts at about the 15-second mark, user error…