So the Broncos drafted a linebacker in the 1st Round two years in a row. Only last year they had the guy play quarterback.” – Sports Pickle, commenting on Tim Tebow

Football season is upon us…one week from now, the NFL regular season begins and for at least one week all is well in the world. It’s also our first real look at the new employees, aka, draft class.

The entire process is, perhaps, the most comprehensive, systematic, machine-like recruiting process in the world. The problem is, the “machine” is run by humans to select humans.

  • Teams panic and “reach” for a need rather than the best available player.
  • Teams ignore the evaluations of their scouts and make a selection based on a gut feeling
  • Players inexplicably fall in the draft based on opinion and rumor rather than fact
  • Teams draft players that look the part, even if their resume shows little in the way of actual results
  • Teams draft players from known “football factories” rather than smaller, lesser-known programs
  • Other players go undrafted, unappreciated, or otherwise under-valued yet somehow go on to stardom

So the next time you’re licking your wounds regarding a new hire that didn’t quite work out, remember that for every Troy Aikman or Adrian Peterson, there’s a Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Tony Mandarich…you get the picture.

As long as humans are the product, there will be hits & misses…take heart, it could be worse. You could have the draft record of Jerry Jones.