Single greatest role of Alec Baldwin’s career came in one of his most limited roles. When I saw Glengarry Glen Ross for the first time, I was actually in an outside sales role; Baldwin’s performance scared me straight, I knew my future did not reside in cold-calling.

Admittedly, the art of selling to a “cold” prospect is one in which very few people can succeed. It’s a gift, not a learned skill. The basic component of success can be displayed in a simple formula; “Guts + Short Memory = Sales.” To hire a successful salesperson is to substantially and exponentially increase the production and profit of any company; consequently, to hire a poor salesperson can create a vacuum of unproductive results that extends long after their respective employment. There may be no more critical (and highly subjective) hire.

So, it is with great confidence that I share with you my secret feeder system for future sales All-Stars.


“Will that be cash or check?”


Relentless. Omnipresent. Shameless. Driven. Passionate. Marginally cute.

For the next month, every visit to the Tom Thumb will be accompanied by at least 2 direct sales pitches from Barracudas disguised as Brownies and Girl Scouts. I’m prone to hiding behind my couch as a response to the doorbell.

These little imps have it figured out ~ like a deer hunter with a baited field, they know we have to eat at some point. They wait for us…patiently, strategically, determined, and fearless. I’ve been asked to buy cookies 5 times by the same 12-year old within a 10 minute time frame. “Always Be Closing” does not begin to describe this level of dedication.

So, it is with great deference and respect that I wave the white flag of surrender. Just please give me my 20 boxes of Thin Mints and leave me in peace, may God have mercy on your souls.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement.

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