The only two certainties in life, right? In corporate life, we can also add a third given to the list ~ “Change.”


“what the deuce?”

If you have been with a company for a significant amount of time & have NOT been subject to considerable change, pat yourself on the tushie and kindly disengage from this post. We don’t want to scare you.

In 2010, Mergers were up 24% worldwide. The year 2012 was dubbed “The Year of the Hostile Takeover” by CNNMoney. In 2011, there were over 600,000 job cuts, a fact that cut especially deep in the Government and Financial segments, respectively.

Some companies, like IBM, refuse to report their headcount by country, as it helps to minimize transparency to jobs being moved off-shore.

You can find studies predicting that over 60% of all jobs will be done via telecommute, and there are now twice as many “reluctant” part-time workers in the job market as there were before the recession.

Combine that with this ~ a recent HBR study found 90% of senior and middle management psychologically unprepared for the changes they could expect following their respective mergers. Talk about whistling past the graveyard….

So, how does one “psychologically” prepare for change? The first step is very easy. Realize, without a shred of doubt, that change will happen. The rest of the process involves preparation and emotional resolve in the midst of chaos. At Pritchett, that’s what we do best ~ how can we help you?

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement, and a fan of Rudyard Kipling. We’re known for our straight talk, no-nonsense approach to change ~ let us help. 

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