I’m currently witnessing a very interesting example of the adult mind-set. My colleague, Dr. Price Pritchett, is delivering the 4th installment in a series of talks regarding “You2” (as in “You Squared”, not a cleverly disguised manifesto from Bono). The gist of the message is to aim high, refuse to be bound by incremental gains, find your passion, and soar. In other words, dare to achieve a goal that exceeds your pre-conceived limitations.

It’s great stuff. It’s simple, direct, inspiring, and (most importantly) it’s incredibly effective.


“One day I’ll finish all 5 Seasons of ‘The Wire.'”

With one small catch…

You need to actually HAVE a dream.

I’ve watched over the course of these 4 weeks as a group of 100+ educated, professional, mature individuals struggle to come up with one specific “Aiming Point” to shoot for. In a group of 120 people, there may be 10% who grasped the concept of a personal stretch goal. For many of the rest, it’s paralysis (“I can’t think of anything.”) or marginalization.

What do I mean?

Imagine the Genie coming out of the bottle and granting you the ability to accomplish one goal that you’ve always considered beyond your reach. For many people, that wish would manifest itself into something similar to this:

“I want to increase my revenues 20% of last year-end.”

If your dreams are measured in incremental gains, I’m here to tell you that you don’t really have dreams. I’ve mentioned in other posts my belief that fear is not your enemy but your source of inspiration. The real obstacle is comfort.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement. Known for my straight talk and penchant for buggery. 

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