It may have gone unnoticed in your neck of the woods, but this was a landmark year in the world of engagement. It was 25 years ago that the term “engaged employees” was discussed in print when William Kahn‘s article, “Psychological Conditions of Personal Engagement and Disengagement at Work” appeared in an Academy of Management Journal. 

Though the definition of employee engagement has been inconsistent over the last several years, the behavioral concept has grown into a key Human Resources metric during that time. Not surprisingly, researchers have found direct correlations between employee engagement and profitability — as well as customer loyalty, productivity, turnover, and employee wellness. Engagement impacts them all.

That could explain why, according to a 2012 Bersin & Associates report, employers spend somewhere in the realm of $720 million per year on improving engagement — and yet 70% of workers are still actively looking over the fence.

So allow me to make a bold statement:

It ain’t working….(read more)