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Engagement and Productivity are a difficult and delicate balance.  Working to improve one, does not necessarily improve the other – at least, sustainably.  It can be so difficult to translate the different ‘languages’ of traditional assessment tools, activities and development outcomes into every task and every working relationship – every moment of every day – to improve the right performance (not to mention company-wide engagement)…


…According to research, misguided choices in engaging your people in productivity may be risking up to 30% of your productivity and more than 80% of your active employee engagement. [Possibly, including your own!]


What if you didn’t have to choose?  What if you could observe both, simultaneously and fairly, in support of every activity to grow your business – even as pressures rise and change occurs?


The Issue

Let’s face it.  You have a number of very important implementations (of seemingly separate initiatives) rolling out.  And, as time goes on, you notice a few ‘small storms’ brewing that risk the positive impact you need to make.


  • Slowdowns in the expected pace of change or strategic opportunities?
  • A post-buy-in dip in the morale of key team members?
  • Confusion as to next steps, due to new changes or rising pressure?
  • Conflicts that occur, due to stress?


…Many times, these storms end costing you more to calm, than the initial rollout.


The Opportunity in Engaged Productivity™

It may sound counter-intuitive to add an activity or what looks like another assessment tool, but if you could organize your people around their own systems language, in the individual and team models of Engaged Productivity™, then you may enable your people to calm some of the storms for themselves.


With the measures of engagement grounded in productivity, there is a quick, precise and predictive link to the unique working tasks and relationships that underpin the right performance.


I worked hard to make sure my blog series didn’t sound too much like one, big sales pitch.  (Though, I’m like you.  I do need to eat!)  But, I promise you that my initial concern was all about coming together – in the middle – with our various toys, to play in one big sandbox.  I am a fan of assessment tools and consulting projects.  I truly want their outcomes to work for both sides of the equation.  I also happen to have been lucky enough to sit at this intersection of business and behaviors for so long that I got a fantastic view of the situation-at-hand that too few of you might have been privy to.


So, let’s talk.  Whether you are a business leader, an HR director, a consultant or a coach.  I want to deepen the outcomes of your activities to develop people and the business, make them more sustainable and link them more directly to the bottom line.


Our Pilot Process

Yes, this is new stuff.  Okay, maybe some of this flies-in-the-face of what you thought you knew.  But, we all know there is pain.  And, we can start a pilot in your company, wherever you are.


I have been blown away by your interest and your excellent questions.  Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me!  Btw, our validated assessment system is decades old.  It is the way you use your models, inside your organization, that is the pilot.  In order to show my appreciation to this community, I intend to be intimately involved in the first, limited number, of your projects.  I can’t wait to get going…


So, tell me.  Where do we begin?


  • Shall we model your leaders, at any level, in your organization?
  • Shall we model an intact team that you want to focus on for engagement and/or productivity?
  • Shall we use your model(s) to complement a particular initiative that impacts your business in important ways?
  • Shall we model your whole (small-to-medium) organization around your unique strategic opportunities?  (Or your investment portfolio?)


I am looking for the kind of evolved HR/business leaders that wants to partner on these pilots.  With that in mind, I will be deeply discounting the cost of the initial pilot and I intend to create relevant PR releases and case studies that celebrate the steps you are taking to reinvent HR.


I am looking for 5 pilots to take on this Fall.
If you are truly interested, click here to sign up for your No-Obligation Review.



Ask yourself the following questions about the current state of your company-wide initiatives:

  •  Can you measure the precise performance impact of your people practices, individually and in teams?
  •  Can you link the engaging outcomes of assessments, HR activities and leadership practices to (the right) improvements to performance – now and for the future?
  •  Can you predict the impact that rising pressures at work will have on company-wide engagement and performance?


…And, finally, can you imagine designing this from one 20-min survey?


These new, systems models of Engaged Productivity™
transform the unique performance preferences, described by your people, into predictive analytics to run your business, in meaningful ways.



The Blog Series – A summary

If you haven’t seen the series, let me summarize the key messages intended to show you some factors necessary in reinventing HR.  If we are to reinvent this important conduit of business success, I believe that it should be expected to increase the right performance, sustainably, without sacrificing any employee’s path to engagement.


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With engagement surveys that can only tell you a part of the story,
your activities must serve a definition of employee engagement that can be framed in complement to your organization’s goals.

Your ROE, or your return on investment for engaging your people in the right productivity, may only be found in a complex, systems solution that reinvents the relationship between HR and business.

Complementary activities, linking many (seemingly separate) business/HR initiatives, will inform fair and measurable paths to enhance the right performance in quick, precise and predictive ways – as you move closer toward your ideal culture.

Your business may flourish for the impact of flourishing individuals.



Thank you for the attention that you have given to this series on Engaged Productivity™.
I am flattered by your interest and buoyed by your support.

 And, a giant thank you to John Whitaker for his support in hosting this blog series on! 

 You have engaged me in my own productivity, and I am personally grateful.



Engaged Productivity™ encompasses revolutionary new thinking to solve the employee engagement challenge in quick, precise and predictable ways. 

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