Change” is a funny thing. We don’t like it, some fear it, some try to avoid it, but we all realize it to be ultimately inevitable and unavoidable. For the most part, we learn to adapt as needed after some level of resistance.

It’s a natural, primal reaction, but we adapt to as an end to the means we are asked to accomplish. Processes, procedures, plans – we can adapt. But culture? That’s a different story.

So, as a business leader, when a change of culture is enacted, it’s time to make an early decision.


"or perhaps a mixture of the two.."

“or perhaps a mixture of the two..”


Do you charge the hill and see who follows? Or, do you wait for the natural processes of attrition and integration to make the eventual changes? Consider these simple terms, and know your direction before you make a decision:

  • Grandfathering ~ All or nothing. Titles, pay structure, etc. Are you making the change or allowing for a gradual weaning. 
  • Swimming Skills ~ “Strong swimmers are the first to jump ship.” Make sure your critical performers are given immediate attention. If they jump, you’re left with deck chairs.
  • Stomach for the Fight ~ Simple to understand, are you up for it? Can you take a combination of blows to the body without tapping out?

You can blow it up, shake the very Earth, but risk a seismic (see the metaphors just flow?) disaster if the survivors are the cockroaches.

You can wait for a gradual and user-friendly process to take hold, but risk disengaging those who are asked to tolerate a “weak” approach for needed change.

Your move – Explosion or erosion?

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