I’ve always had an issue with the adage that says “don’t sweat the small stuff” ~ the message, of course, being that the “small stuff” shouldn’t get under the skin of an emotionally stable, mature adult. What  –  a –  crock.

I’ve been in some very highly-charged situations, both professionally and personally. I’d like to think, based on how I’ve performed, that my ability to add reason and calm to a tempest in a teapot is a large part of my value to the organization (and to my family.) Crisis situation? I’m your man. When all hell is breaking loose around me, I’m cool like Fonzie. People are panicking? I’m smooth like butter.

So please, don’t tell me not to sweat the “small stuff,” because that’s all I have left. As an example, here are five everyday items that are clearly placed on this Earth to send people like me into a psychotic episode.

  1. Extension cords – Lost, tangled, and (at my house) sliced in half at least twice a year by a hedge-clipper or lawnmower.
  2. Kites – The classic set up for disappointment. Call me Charlie Brown, but kites are evil. You have about 10 minutes of being the hero to your kids before a tree eats the kite or a string pops. Looking out my window right now, I can see two kites sacrificed to the tree gods ~ they were asking for it, really.
  3. Leaves – So pretty, so symbolic of the changing seasons, and such an incredible pain in the arse. In my garage, in my gardens, in my yard, piled up against the fence, and impossible to fully contain. Leaves conspire with the wind to steal any shred of mental wellness.
  4. Remote Control – Every TV requires two different remotes, each requiring 100 batteries; add a DVD player or Apple TV and you have yourself a genuine Charlie Foxtrot. Even more fun? Try finding the damn thing. This puts me at DefCon2, ordering immediate base lockdown.
  5. The Home Phone – it’s official, the home phone has been minimized to only one conceivable use of value – to be networked to your home alarm. I’m buying a bigger dog and throwing my home phone in the nearest river; not sure whatever became of the “no-call” list, but it seems to have inspired telemarketers to be even more aggressive. Add to it the electronic telemarketing call, and it’s easy to categorize the home phone as a tool of Beelzebub.

“Load THIS!!!!”


So I guess what I’m asking for is a little leeway as I unleash a torrent of blows upon my computer screen trying to purge the pinwheel of death, I’m actually pretty solid when the big stuff happens, trust me.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement, and it took him 4 tries to save this damn post.

Erin go bragh!