Here’s an interesting tidbit of information…according to a recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young (thankfully, or else I would have to do it), there may reason to believe growth strategies for major companies will rely less on acquisition & more on internal investment. The survey population – 1,600 Executives, 50 countries, the great majority from companies exceeding $500M. That’s a nice slice of data (and money) by any measure; so, it should be meaningful (to those with an interest) that despite a doubling in economy confidence levels from 2012, only 29% of those surveyed expected to make a “deal” this year (AP, Yahoo Finance; Pan Pylas.)

You could look at this a few different ways:

  • Exactly ~ Fool me once shame on you….
  • “Ernst?” What kind of name is “Ernst”???? Can I buy a vowel?
  • No more excuses for slashing the training budget, right boss?



“Do I look scared?”

The smart “buyers” will keep buying. This news is inconsequential to their buying habits – the “deal” is only half of the value. The real upside is seen after the close when the value clock starts ticking. “Day Zero” planning, trained and prepared leaders ready to integrate new people and processes, high-touch retention programs targeted at the key performers in the company, timely/transparent/consistent communication.

No doubt there are skittish deal-makers, just as there are skittish home-buyers, lenders, job seekers, etc. ~ that’s what an economic scorching will do to you. In times of recovery, the wise investor doesn’t stop investing, he/she makes smarter investments & takes advantage of the other dummies.

Deals can be made; the successful ones will make the integration phase tighter, quicker, more engaging, and do so with a plan. 

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ Straight talk, no-nonsense approach to workplace issues. 

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