Three Days Left Before the #MediaCleanse begins!!

Funny, my wife and I went to eat sushi this week and sat at the bar. There were two TV’s on for patrons to watch – on the left, CNN was the channel. On the right, FOXNews was on. Literal left and right positioning for the two most prevalent voices for Dems and Republicans, respectively. I’m convinced there are two separate realities in existence at the same time – while watching back & forth in real time, the events of the day/week/year were dissected and discussed in completely contradictory fashion. More than that, there were “Breaking” stories (always a clue you’re about to be lied to) on one channel not even covered on the other. Like Denzel said, either uninformed or misinformed.

That’s why, starting this Monday, July 27th, many of us will begin #MediaFasting.

BTW, what is “gaslighting?” You can hit this link for the real definition, but in laymen’s terms it’s an attempt to manipulate the mindset of another individual by making them doubt their own judgment, eventually wearing them down by repeating the same messages over and over with incredulity should they doubt the message. So, if you’re tired of being hit over the head with scripted messages designed to push an agenda, a #MediaCleanse is right for you.

I’d offer some examples, but you know what they are. Even listing them here would piss 50% of you off; common sense should tell us when we’re being guided to believe a certain narrative, but the purveyors of this tactic are getting better at their craft, too. Time to step back, shut off the pinheads and re-examine what you really need to know from the main-stream-media (#MSM). If the information is worthless, then the news is relegated to entertainment status. Surely there are healthier ways to be entertained.

Seriously, add your own comments if there are some right or left-leaning tropes you’re tiring of. If we can get through a week of not hearing, reading, or seeing the same garbage, maybe there’s some hope we see each other as political “opponents” rather than “enemies.”

(Yeah, I stole that last line from Reagan, but it doesn’t make it wrong.)