#Election2014. Thank God that’s over.

Howdy Texans, we have a new Governor! For those of you who care, Greg Abbott won the gubernatorial vote over Wendy Davis in a bit of a landslide.

I’m thrilled.

Not necessarily by Mr. Abbott’s election, but by the fact my television watching experience will no longer include the pathetic attempts by both parties to demean and dehumanize the opposition.

I can’t speak to the elections in other areas of the country, but I can tell you that in Texas, it’s downright nasty.

Here’s the saddest part of the tactic of mud-slinging…it works. It must work, right? Why in the world would the same under-handed tactics be re-employed every election year? Am I continually left with a choice of a candidate who hates America vs. one who hates children? The commercials become more comical as the election grows nearer as any guise of “fair play” is a fart in the wind. Here’s an example of the garbage we are expected to ingest, compliments of Ms. Davis.

According to ThisNation.com, Americans are largely opposed to these ads, but it’s almost expected that candidates will twist the truth; or, as your mother refers to it – LIE. We’re numb to the fact that the candidates we elect to office are actively lying in their respective efforts to gain office. The unfortunate part of this tactic is they aren’t lying about their own accomplishments, they choose to lie about the opponent’s shortcomings.

I was having this conversation with a fellow staffing professional and related this to the interview process; what if, instead of the question “what are your greatest strengths?”, we asked “what are the other candidates worst qualities (btw, don’t worry, we know you’re going to hyperbolize, but still…).”

What kind of employee would you end up with? (Now, if you will, take a look at Washington, DC.)

We deserve better.