You’ve said it before – heck, we’ve all said it before; “I just hate the politics we have to play at this company.” You may have even said these very words as you left your employer, ready to start anew with a new company where your success will rise and fall with your performance, never mind all that trivial political nonsense.

And then you realize after Day 1 you didn’t leave workplace politics behind you, you just joined a new game in progress.

Meet Nancy Halpern. Her LinkedIn profile caught my eye, specifically the statement “I resolve office politics.” Not only does Nancy know how to “resolve” office politics, she knows how to raise your awareness level to a place where you can safely navigate the game as a participant, not just an uninterested observer. The problem, you see is not the “politics” – it’s your Political IQ.

Incredibly engaging and funny, Nancy discusses her thoughts on the workplace, the games people play, the added dynamic brought on by the pandemic, and the value (no joke) of workplace gossip.

Get your ears on and take a listen.