Two weeks ago on LinkedIn, your friend and mine Kris Dunn (KD) posted an article about Google’s movement to expedite employees returning to the office. As much as a physical move, I think we can all agree that the mental and emotional component for many employees will make that transition harder than we may believe is warranted. In addition, remote workers have 13 (and counting) months of habit-building to their new environment and may be none too keen on seeing a reversion to pre-pandemic work styles. KD is a free-wheeling culture builder in the great state of Alabama who at this time sees no real reason to push the envelope by asking people to return to the office, flavored water be damned.

The decisions made by leaders like Kris will go a long way into establishing their respective attraction to talent, and in many ways will establish the new culture by which they are known.

Throw into that conversation a hardline rust-belter like Tim Sackett (Saks) with his concern for mental health and truck nuts, a man who never actually left the office and you can see the potential for a lively discussion. I try to play moderator and antagonist (not real hard with these two) to see if we can produce real topics of discussion had every day in Boardrooms across America.

So let’s get real and ranty, shall we? And do yourself a favor and watch that volume control in the office, ya feel me?