It’s a rote response we’ve almost become programmed to utter. A general greeting &/or welfare check like “How’s it going?” is met with the standard “Busy as always!” or some similar descriptor to let you know that you are in no way guilty of having a moment to relax.

Meet Garland Vance, a guy who has his own story about the dangers of being “busy.” We’ve convinced ourselves that busy-ness is equal to productivity and maybe even value. Surely the busier you are the more significant and important you must be, right?

That’s all great until the mule lays down. Keep throwing weight on its back and at some point that donkey refuses to move another step.

This is more than a process of time management or establishing check-lists. This is a conscious act of overcoming our propensity to say “yes” when aske to absorb one more task.

Give this a listen, get a free copy of Garland’s best-selling book “Gettin Unbusy,” and start making time in your life FOR life.

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