Like a Happy Days episode from days gone by, I teased this topic into a “To Be Continued” two-parter. In case you need to re-visit last week’s episode, you’re now hooked up:

In this episode David gives some in-the-workplace application to encourage robust, difficult, and necessary conversations as a company. We discuss bias vs. barriers, inclusion vs. philanthropy, and the reality that a company divided cannot stand.

Do a quick scan of your internal diversity and inclusion programs, do they pass the litmus test? 

  1. Make the company more successful
  2. Are apolitical

When faced with inequities are you focusing on solutions at the root level or punishing those in control.Also a reminder to look past the data to discover systemic issues rather than react to the outward manifestations. Damn those tall people.

In any event, get your ears on and take a listen…how bad could it possibly be?