There are a few things in life we take for granted despite how critical it might be to our very existence. Breathing, for one, is something we do 20,000 times per day without even giving it a thought. Despite it being a subconscious function, it turns out we’re almost all doing it wrong.

But what about sleeping? Another aspect of our life that encompasses roughly 33% of our time on this mortal coil, and we are screwing it up at an alarming rate. Americans in particular are turrrrrible at sleeping. So much so that the Center for Disease Control has stated that America’s sleeping habits are cause for a National Emergency.

Meet Sarah Moe, the CEO of Sleep Health Specialists. Her life’s vocation is the study of sleep and polysomnographic technology, and she’s worried about you. Not only that, she’s worried about your employees. Using a “fatigue calculator”, you can easily see how American businesses are losing billions of dollars on an annual basis, all because we’re robbing ourselves of one of our most important primal needs – a good night’s sleep.

Even now, with more remote workers and more “accessible” sleep opportunities, we’ve managed to get worse. So get your ears on listen to my interview with Sarah Moe, all around sleep badass.