Who interviews their wife as a podcast guest? Apparently I do, and the experience was even better than I had hoped. Has it been a crazy year? Yeah, it has, but that statement has become cliché. For many people it was a life-changing year, and that includes my enigmatic wife of 20 years, Karen (being named “Karen” in 2020 was life-changing in itself.) Job changes, lifestyle changes, friendship changes, priority changes and an extended period of time where we were forced to be introspective.

Karen’s birthday falls in February, so I thought it would be fun to take a glimpse in the rearview mirror over the course of a full year – February 2020 to February 2021 – and capture some of the major transitions, epic changes, blessings and challenges that happened in just twelve months.

Everybody has a story, this is hers.

So put your ears on and listen to a special happy hour edition of HR Hardball, looking at the craziest/best (both?) year ever.

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