You’re doing something wrong.

A new study released by Towers Watson, titled “Only One-Quarter of Employers Are Sustaining Gains From Change Management Initiatives” clearly delivers a message we already know all too well; companies do not do a good job training and/or preparing managers to lead change.

Well, duh.

But the frustrating part is the disparity between the awareness of the problem vs. the solution to the problem.

The companies surveyed already know two facts:

  1. Training and preparing managers to effectively lead change is critical


    “Looks good to me.”

  2. They really stink at it

Almost 90% of those surveyed (North America, Europe, Asia) actually train their managers in change management ~ but only a fifth (22%)  say they do it effectively.

So, basically we’re lost, but we’re making great time!

The reason is simple – “Change” is still treated as a situational, transactional, project-oriented event instead of a fluid, ongoing part of your culture. You can’t “train” people to be effective change agents in a one or two-day session. It’s a nice way to offer development, but there’s no way you can realistically expect a new mindset like “change agent” to stick for long.

It takes commitment, reinforcement, and (here’s the sales pitch) a budget that reflects the importance of learning the skill. This what we do at Pritchett ~ offer you the opportunity to transform your organization instead of training your organization.

You can’t stick a toe in the water and call it swimming ~ time for adult swim, let’s go at this solution with the commitment and respect it deserves.