It’s Spring Break…at one point in my life that meant really spectacular road trips to bad beaches crawling with people without a clue (I fit in just fine), but now, among other things it means extra time with the “boys” – my kiddos, ages 8 and 11 respectively. I decided a little Q&A was in order, because it’s always good to check the temperature on their perspective on Human Resources. First up, Cooper, age 8:

Q – Do you know what your Dad does for a living?

A – “You work on the computer, you work for the company, and for the community.”

Q – Okay, do you know what Human Resources is?

A – “They are what you do in real life…they take care of it.”

Q – “Wait, what do they do?”

A – “Think, work, and eat.”

Q – What else?

A -” You have to be patient. You learn. You go to sleep.”

Q – How much do HR people get paid?

A. “Maybe, if they are a Doctor or something, about $10,000 every 5 days or so.”

Q – Do you want to be an HR person one day?

A – “Yes; I want to learn about animals, make a better medicine, and learn a lot of things about human life.”

Q – That’s really terrific. So, what would you like to do most?

A – “Play Call of Duty Black Op’s with Jack [brother].”

Q – What advice would you give someone trying finding a job?


“I do what?”

A – “Go ask your teacher in college for some advice. They could teach you how to be a doctor or whatever, then you could go right in and get the job.”

Me – Thanks Coop, that was a great interview.

Cooper – “Anytime Dad; let’s go play Wii.”

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement. He’ll help you think, eat, and sleep.

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