Hello HR, and welcome to a slice of audio mind-droppings. For almost 12 years I’ve been doing my best to provide a non-traditional look at Human Resources and human behavior via the written word. “HR Hardball” has been recognized as one of the best in the industry, and it has been a great passion for many years. But how many blogs can one head produce? Maybe, I thought, it’s time to finally take a stab at this freaking podcast “thing.” After years of resisting even the urge to listen to podcasts, over the last 18 months I’ve become a full-blown podder. Along about this time I was even asked to be a guest on a few other podcasts, to the point where I actually became more comfortable with the format (if not my voice.)

But as I became a more frequent guest on other podcasts, I realized there was a common strand weaving through most of my personal HR narrative. I still have a hell of a lot more to day. Hence, you have this new baby podcast ready to enter the new audio world. Here is what you can expect:

  • Human Behavior is the focus of our profession. If you’re in Human Resources and you’re not a student of human behavior, you will never be truly effective.
  • Change management sounds good, but it’s truly your management of ambiguity that separates you from the pack. People deal with change every freaking day – it’s when they don’t know what’s coming that they tend to spiral.
  • I had an epiphany almost 10 years ago and stand by it to this day. The study of physics can explain so much of what we see in the workplace. The more you peel that onion, the more blown away you will be.
  • I write like I talk. I talk like I think. I think like a combination of a wise old philosopher and a 14-year old knucklehead. You’ll learn to deal with it I hope.

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Thank you so much! My hope is you laugh more than a few times and still manage to find something you can immediately relate to.

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