Last week, a breakdown of the new competency model (specifically, the FIRST competency); then a vacation. Now, a summation:

Can we talk? This seems to be an exercise in word-whipping. The definition for this competency reads like an over-ambitious resume’. And like an over-ambitious resume, there’s a propensity to use a $5 word where a nickel might suffice. I’d like to interview this candidate:

Me: “So, Mr. HRTE, tell me more about Strategic Business Management as it relates to Human Resources.”

HR: “It means to align and manage the strategic piece of business management utilizing workforce planning and change management techniques to create better planning processes.”

Me: “What the hell does that mean?”

HR: “Well, it means we predict where our people needs are in the immediate and long-term, be proactive to prepare for changes.”

Me: “So why not just say that in the first place? Quit word-whipping me man.”


“…and you are?”

The HR Generalist needs to understand potential exposure for their internal clients; he needs to understand the laws, rules, and regulations that impact the employee base. Be approachable, be credible, be humble, and call the job what it IS – “SUPPORT.”

Instead of making our jobs sound more technical, more complicated, more “important,” let’s focus on being a valuable resource.

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