Hide the women and children, “Big Data” is coming.

Big Freaking Data; a lot of it, from a lot of places, all coming at a rapid pace. Internal and external information sharing the same spreadsheet, looking backwards is now looking forwards, up is down, human sacrifice, dogs & cats living together….mass hysteria. If only there were a webinar to help us understand.

SHRM is calling the movement towards utilizing big data as “HR’s Golden Opportunity.” And, based on the buzz in HR discussion groups, periodicals, blogs, and white papers, a lot of people agree. Not only is it buzzing, it’s profitable – Gartner Inc. predicts the big-data “industry” to grow into the $200Billion range within 5 years.

So, now what?

Now we need to figure out what to do with it. How to gather it…curate it…analyze it…interpret it.

This won’t happen overnight. You can expect a transition period as Human Resources is asked to use data as a predictor of future trends rather than a description of past occurrences. It’s not enough to have the information, we need to learn how to use it effectively and separate meaningful information from the “noise” created by information overload. And, as with any significant change, you can prepare yourself for a few bumps in the road:

  • Some will be reluctant to jump on board: Could be you, could be your team, but there will be resistance. Whether it’s a lack of understanding or a feeling of helplessness, this movement will not be universally embraced. If big data is here to stay, continued resistance will be a career-killer.
  • We can expect it to get worse before it gets better: If analytics aren’t part of your current SOP’s, expect the adjustment to cause a dip in productivity before turning the corner. There will be a learning curve – as an HR leader, you need to be prepared to shepherd your people along and tolerate mistakes.
  • Your bench may blow up: Especially in large HR organizations, this shift in the paradigm will offer opportunity for talent to shine at multiple levels. For the 50% who slowly adjust, expect 10-20% to absolutely “get it” from the word “GO.” That may be a nice problem to have, but you have to consider the disruption that comes along with a change in thought leadership.
  • You, personally, will need to take accountability for upping your game, HR Person. Don’t expect IT to run this show – this is OUR turn to shine. Yet we still need internal partners to make it a successful opportunity; how do we “own” this without taking the lead?

So, consider this your opportunity for an on-line Cliff’s Notes version on how to prepare, adjust, and excel in a new analytical world.  Join us June 26 at 2pm EST for HR Moneyball: The FOT Bootstrapper Guide To Getting Started With Big Data and learn the best ways to effectively deploy BFD (Big Freaking Data) from the HR suite.

Kris Dunn and Steve Boese, both of whom we all knows (see what I did there with the rhyming) will keep you on your toes as they describe how this all goes.

Wow, that was freaking brilliant. See you there ~

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