There is nothing quite so humbling as uncertainty.

I was reminded of this recently while having a conversation with a friend. His current job responsibilities continue to change, to the point of putting him in a totally unfamiliar role where his experience is minimal at best ~ it’s a daily struggle. This immediately reminded me of my oldest son, Jack, and his transition to football this last year.

Brilliantly smooth on the baseball field, Jack is a Shortstop any coach would kill for. He loves baseball, has been playing it since he was 3 years old, never really paid much attention to other sports.

And then….football.

Living in Texas, playing football is a rite of passage. So, entering 7th grade, Jack decided that he was going to strap on the helmet and play football for his middle school.

Let’s call it a “learning experience.”

Like my friend, Jack was now literally in unfamiliar territory. Skills that served him well in one sport were no longer relevant. Now he had new responsibilities, a new language, different equipment, and limited time to get up to par. What was once fluid and natural became hesitant and doubtful…it’s hard to be confident when you still don’t know the rules of the game.

So, being a knucklehead myself, I gave Jack the best advice I could muster…”even if you’re not sure where you’re going, get there as fast as possible.” In other words, take control of the one thing you have – your ability to move fastSucceed or fail, just do it quickly.

I’ve been in the same cleats and ignored my own advice (shocker) at times; moving cautiously, deferring politely, conceding the issue without a fuss – all of a sudden, you’re riding the pine.

Coaches, like bosses – can see passion and energy. As a Little League coach for my boys, give me the scrappers with dirty jerseys and raspberries on their legs; they’ll drop a few balls, run int0 a few outs, but I’d rather teach them the “book” than teach them hustle

Are you in an an new role? New boss? New company? Feeling cautious, nervous, unsure? Lacking confidence? That’s normal.

Not sure where you’re going? Just get there FAST.