Every couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into the mindset of one of our HR colleagues. With scary possibilities aplenty, this wily newsman interviews fellow HR Hardball™ member (and Texan) Broc Edwards.

1. So, you’re going to give advice to 22-year old Broc about a career in HR; what do you tell him?

I’d tell my 22 year old self to write, write, write. Join Toastmasters. Find outlets to write and speak. Be relentless about it. Read all you can about personal development and start with Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie. Oh, and wear earplugs to concerts

 2. Looking at the future of Human Resources, what keeps you up at night?

My biggest worry is that the field of HR will remain stuck in the past, stay caught up in petty in-fighting and comparing merit badges, keep whining about the lack of respect it receives (“seat at the table” – UGH!) and never realize what an amazing opportunity it has to make a real difference for business and people.

3. If LinkedIn had the ability to play a theme song whenever someone viewed your profile, what song would we hear when accessing yours?

 “This is Now” by Hatebreed. Loud and hyper-aggressive, I love this song for its message about putting the past behind me and taking personal responsibility for my own life to create the future I want.

images4. Musical chairs: there are 49 seats, 50 states, which is the first to lose a seat? 

Given the sheer number of “Secede” bumper stickers on pickups and SUVs here, I’d say Texas would probably volunteer to go first so I wouldn’t have to choose.

If someone wants to connect with you (to offer an improved profile photo), where do they find you?

Whit, are you suggesting I need an improved profile photo??? Find and connect with me at:

Twitter: @brocedwards

My blog: http://foolwithaplan.wordpress.com/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/books/dp/1484049292 (yes, I am plugging my book)

Shameless, Broc, simply shameless….(and thanks again for the signed copy)