Every couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into the mindset of one of our HR colleagues. With scary possibilities aplenty, this savvy journalist now interviews our resident Labor expert, colleague and fellow HR Hardball™ member Karen Resendez:

  1. A brand-new college grad comes to you for career advice ~ he/she is interested in Human Resources; what sage advice do you offer?

“HR” is a very broad field since it encompasses so many different disciplines. I’d first ask which HR discipline they have an interest in and why.  To be an excellent HR Practitioner, a newbie should explore all areas to see where their interests take them and where they best fit.  Labor Relations, for instance, isn’t for everyone.  I firmly believe that you have to start at the ground level in the basics of the organization to understand the why of it – why HR does what it does.  It’s hard to get a foot in the HR door, no matter how big your feet are, so I would tell the newbie to get on LinkedIn, make professional connections, seek an internship, attend HR meetings like SHRM or read HR blogs to get in the know and stay informed.  They should also look into measuring the thickness of their skin.

       2.  Looking at the future of Human Resources, what keeps you up at night?

I often worry about what I don’t know and whether what I do know is enough to get me through the latest pressing issue.  There are new regulations, updates to those regulations and legal outcomes every day that affect how we do business.  It’s an ever-changing world and there is never a dull moment.

        3.   If LinkedIn had the ability to play a theme song whenever someone viewed your profile, what song would we hear when accessing yours?

If you asked some of my former colleagues, they’d say it’s the Imperial March, (Editors Note* – there has got to be a story there somewhere) but I prefer to think of myself as more upbeat and determined, a hard-worker, so my LinkedIn page would play the Rocky Balboa theme song.  It has nothing to do with the fact that sometimes labor relations practitioners feel like they’re in a boxing match!

        4.   49 seats, 50 states – which state is left without a chair when the music stops?

I hate to say it, but I’d channel The Donald and tell my home state of California – “Your Fired!”   Cali has a pretty unfriendly business climate which breeds litigation.  Job security for HR professionals for sure, but there are so many hurdles that some gifted practitioners have gotten out of the field entirely, leaving it to the legal professionals.  I think the current leadership in California is too busy riding around on its fantasy high-speed choo choo to notice how difficult the business climate in Cali has become.   Um, Whit? Can you help me down from my soapbox?

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This one?

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