Every couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into the mindset of one of our many HR colleagues. Sticking with the baseball theme, here are four pitches decidedly out of the zone.

who decided "QWERTY" was a good idea?

who decided “QWERTY” was a good idea?

With scary possibilities aplenty, this savvy journalist leads off his grand experiment with friend and fellow HR Hardball™ member Lisa Chase.

Ball 1 – So, you’re going to give advice to 22-year old Lisa about a career in HR; what do you tell her? 

“I’d tell her having multiple personalities may help since she’d have to see challenges through many different pairs of eyes, some of them contradictory. And under no circumstances was she to take a job where planning the company picnic was listed in the job description.”

Ball 2 – Looking at the future of Human Resources, what keeps you up at night?

“My worry is that HR may not have a future! What keeps me awake is trying to figure out why and how, in this age of business incubators, small business accelerators, crowd sourcing, angel investors is it still so hard to persuade people who are obviously open to new ideas that just like they need finance people, operations people, marketing people and R & D people, they need someone to help build the infra-structure of the company. And that is the role HR should have.”

 Ball 3 – If LinkedIn had the ability to play a theme song whenever someone viewed your profile, what song would we hear when accessing yours?

“If we can go one better and separate them into “anonymous” and all others, anonymous would hear Hopelessly Devoted to You, all others would hear Thunder Road.

Ball 4 – Musical chairs: there are 49 seats, 50 states, which is the first to lose a seat?

“You forgot the District of Columbia Einstein. Just make sure Congress is back from vacation before the music starts.”

If someone wants to connect with you (or offer professional counseling), where do they find you?

One of the other HR Hardballers has already offered me counseling but I figure I worked hard to get this way, it’s too late now to figure it out. You can find me on LinkedIn Lisa Chase or e-mail at lisachase1457@gmail.com

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