Season 2 kicks off with a bang as I chew the fat with the inimitable Jeff Wald, best selling author, founder of two tech firms, angel investor, startup advisor and all-around man with a plan.
His latest book, The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations is based on gobs of data that is too often ignored in the world of Human Resources. The book also includes the predictions of 20 leading “futurists” when asked to share their vision for the 2040 workforce. And they’re doing this for more than shits and giggles, as Jeff will award the Future of Work Prize inclusive of a $10 million award.
Jeff addresses some of the rote predictions we’ve come to accept in HR – “the rise of the robots”, the gig economy, the speed of change, and the contract that exists between employer and employee.
This one’s a keeper folks, listen, bookmark, share and review.

Special thanks to HOOPS for their kind support and sponsorship and to JunkBoi Jack, creator and composer of “The Theme to HR Hardball”.