How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?” (Young, Lewis) – 1918

Farmer Reuben knew it…the boys returning from the war had seen the sights, sounds, and seduction of the big city. Despite the naive and hopeful mindset of Mother Reuben, the cat, as it were, was out of the bag.

The corporate mindset that views virtual networking as a controllable and policeable activity, is, at best, wishful thinking. The idea that firewalls can be utilized as a retention tool is Mother Reubenistic; if employees aren’t happy on the farm, they don’t need corporate access (or permission) to take a look over the fence.

You can lock down your own devices, but check this: Mobile devices are owned by 90% of our population, while 58% of Americans own a smartphone – and we know how to use them – 70% of job seekers use  smartphones in their job search.

So you have a dovetail challenge with mobile recruiting:

1. Even engaged employees utilize their mobile device at work; regardless of whether they happen to be job-seeking. The savvy company has a recruiting strategy that uses the mobile device as a “pull” mechanism.

2. Those same types of employees exist at other companies, too. Are you a savvy company with a recruiting strategy that includes mobile recruiting?

In the world of Human Resources, there can be no more valuable role than strengthening the performance base of the employee population. That means finding the best talent where they live and breathe, and showing them what “Paree” has to offer.