Day 2 of #MediaFasting and I am immediately assured of one certainty….I’m onto something here. My usual diet of DailyWire, Zeducation, HodgeTwins, Officer Tatum, and assorted #FoxNews clips was a bit harder to resist than I had first imagined (“I can stop anytime”), but that’s the lie every addict tells him/herself.

Today I even had a reasonable, rational conversation with a “mask activist” and found some merit to the discussion. Seriously…I’m still not wearing one unless forced, but it was good to have the conversation nonetheless. This may end up being an intermittent fasting, or it could even extend for another week, who knows?

But for those of us (me included) who are honestly looking in the mirror and realizing we’ve been emotionally charged, trolled, baited, gaslighted, manipulated, and worse by the current “news” industry – this is the way to go, my friends.

When you realize we take these same emotions and opinions into the workplace, how that impacts the lens we have for our employee population – from an HR viewpoint, that’s problematic.

As a Conservative, I’m out here on an island in Human Resources. Most of the “influencers” in our industry are decidedly more liberal than me, but I don’t begrudge them. All opinions are accepted here; I’ve exposed my flank so fire away if you disagree with me about the toxicity of the information filling our head units daily.

Let’s get past the bluster and start talking about life in the workplace again – whether we branded it or not, every year has been a “new normal,” and as Human Resources professionals it’s been our role to translate that impact on our employee population.

First we need to put down the fork and quit eating the slop.