One taco at a time in America…

Fast-food haters must be cringing with the odd marriage of a stimulated job market & a gross sounding Mexican dining staple. For those of you without kids and/or a weakness for really unhealthy meals in general, let me explain:

Last year, Taco Bell introduced a new food item, the “Locos Doritos Taco”; basically, the equivalent of having your taco wrapped with a huge Nacho Cheese Dorito. Gross, right?

Apparently not. It’s estimated that the popularity of this one item stimulated hiring needs by over 15,000 jobs. Taco Bell sold one million units per day of this orange-dusted nightmare. So, in addition to thousands of late-night bingers, frat boys, and the high-school lunch rush, my pre-teens contributed in their own right. I’d like to think the consumption in this household led to at least one full-time job being created.

But, there’s more!

The 2013 creation is even more unappealing to old folks like me (40-somethings just aren’t TB’s demographic) – now there will be a Cool Ranch Locos Doritos Taco; just the thought makes me want to wash my nacho-dusted hands.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement.