Ah, glorious November…step outside and you can literally feel the changes all around you as the mercury drops and the days get shorter.

Professionally, we are fully engaged in Q4 objectives ~ strategically speaking, we have two more months remaining in the year, complicated by the reality of six “real” weeks of productivity available. In that window, performance reviews and 2014 budgets are due, and, (should you find the time) it would be really nice to see your 2014 objectives ready for review.

Besides that, the calendar is wide open…

In times of overwhelming responsibility, many of us will actually show a tendency to assume more ownership for the situation, despite the critical mass we are accumulating. Fearing the failure of any one of these tasks, we will instinctually try to control the situation with more involvement. This can make the last two months of the year especially stressful and we haven’t even reached the silly season yet.

My friends, now is the time to resist the urge to dive into the weeds ~ instead, use the multiple objectives due in November as development opportunities for your team. These are meaningful assignments to be given to the people you are viewing as potential leaders in the company.

Performance reviews, budgeting, and goal-setting are key components of any managerial post, yet they are rarely experienced prior to assuming the role – here’s your chance to offer a glimpse into the world of leadership, separate the wheat from the chaff, and give yourself a break at the same time.

“Ready Now” is a philosophy to embrace when considering organizational succession planning. One of the real challenges of assuming a management position is the lack of actual experience in the merit review and budgeting processes, respectively. Well, November is the month to offer an incredible opportunity to include your talented pipeline in actual strategic planning.

It can be difficult to relinquish ownership for such important tasks, but the benefit to the development of your people (and of you as a leader) more than equals the discomfort.