Curiosity and adaptation are natural, right?  You’d be surprised – I know I always am.

I was talking with my friend about his child’s autism.   Our conversation wasn’t about the real or perceived causes of autism, rather what it meant to the individual (and family) as they assimilate the world around them.

I opined that while most of us respond to and incorporate information around us, then come up with a new thought, approach, or behavior, the autistic human being accepts only what “fits” into his/her world. “Adapt” does not enter the equation.  My friend said I was spot on, to which I replied “duh!”.

He was surprised that I had such a good handle on the topic because I’m childless and haven’t spent time around autism.  And that’s where I quickly corrected him.  I’m around it all the time.

Organizational autism is rampant.  No matter the level – organizational, functional, or personal – I deal with it all the time.  The organization or the function doesn’t think they need to adapt.  “That’s not the way we do it around here”.  They miss or ignore the signs and trends in the marketplace.  On a personal level, people ignore feedback, whether it’s from their boss, peer, or 360 degree feedback tool.

I can’t tell you if it’s because of politics, ignorance, stubbornness, or all of the above.  I do know that if you embrace organizational autism or choose to act in an autistic manner at work, you will go the way of Kodak.  And if you don’t adapt your personal behaviors, you better get an organizational protector…

– Mary Fors

Meet Mary:
Mary is Strategist who brings business and people together.  If you want to improve the way you lead in order to improve the results you get, give Mary a call.  Her approach is simple, snarky, and stylish.  She worked her way from facilitator through coaching executives, and on the way got a couple of master’s degrees and way too many certifications.  She’s done the leadership thing in a number of different industries.  She’s currently in Nashville, TN, with her dogs and cats, working on the leadership focus for Asurion.