This is the third installment of a riveting read…the original entry set the stage for a complete review of the newly released SHRM HR Competency Model, “Elements for HR Success.” I jest, but this really is an impressive study. “Hardball™” comments in italic red.

Okay all you people who made it past the entry-level stage….


“…really, you do NOT need to hold the ladder.”

  • “Human Resources Technical Expertise & Practice,” for the Mid-Level Practitioner*“The ability to apply the principles and practices of human resource management to contribute to the success of the business.
  • “Sub-competencies include: Strategic Business Management, Workforce Planning and Employment, Human Resource Development, Compensation & Benefits, Risk Management, Employee Labor & Relations, HR Technology, Global & International Human Resource Capabilities, Talent Management, and Change Management.

Now we’re getting into some of the nitty-gritty; chances are, the majority of HR people you encounter will fall into this category:

  • Serves as the HR SME to managers
  • Conducts investigations of workplace policy violations
  • Manages day-t0-day HR functions
  • Implements change based on proven change-management techniques at the risk of being rude, I’m calling bullish*t on this one. “Proven change management techniques?” Would love to see the expressions on faces when asked to list them.
  • Applies compliance knowledge to protect the organization
  • Interprets both policies and changes to policy “interprets” is a scary word when used in this context
  • Oversees Risk Management issues obviously more prevalent in manufacturing environments
  • Implements HR Technology plans 
  • Reports trends to senior leadership this intrigues me;an example of the “what” not being as important as the “how” and the “when”
  • Recommends policy changes to support business needs have you done this? I need examples here.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet ~ tomorrow we get into the “Senior” level HR professionals. Better have a pen and paper, if nothing else you could write down great stuff for your annual review!

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(* Mid-Level ~ 3-7 years HR experience; senior specialist or experienced generalist, manages projects, could be manager)