So who left the jackal cage open?

A very sad ending to the story of Diane Hanson, a young lady who was tragically killed earlier this week while working at a “Big Cat” sanctuary named Cat Haven. Ms. Hanson was an intern at the facility, 24 years old, and definitely deserving of a more compassionate reporting of her death.

If you’re not up to date with the story, you no doubt missed the sensationalizing of this story which included computer re-enactments, interviews with animal experts, and self-righteous talking heads shaking their collective heads at the carelessness of Ms. Hans0n. “How could she be so reckless?” At this point, it was still widely reported that Hanson had ignored protocol to enter the cage alone, knowing the lion would also be uncaged. Does that even seem reasonable to assume?

There was no short supply on opinions; some concluded she had become overly comfortable with the cats. Others suggested she was showing off for a friend. All commented on her blatant disregard for facility rules about entering a cage alone. I guess it’s not bad enough to lose a loved one, you also need to be told that in a small way they “asked for it.” How painful that must have been for her parents, especially as they were interviewed and broadcast by “news” sources.

This is another of the unfortunate bi-products of instant media…being “first” means more than being accurate. We are in danger of making our news on par with the grapevine as it relates to reporting facts.

That became apparent again today when it was RE-reported that the lion had actually escaped its enclosure, stalked and killed Ms. Hanson while she was speaking on her cell phone, and who (God willing) never saw or felt a thing. She certainly didn’t “ask” for that.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement. 

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