Skip Bayless is a hack.

For those of you unfamiliar with Skip’s work, he can currently be found on the craptastic ESPN production, “First Take.” On the show, Skip and Stephen A. Smith (a buffoon in his own right) debate the current issues of the day. By “debate,” I mean they script a scenario in which they vehemently disagree about a topic, then set about flogging the viewing public with an incredibly loud brand of annoying incompetence. The show is an outright joke to any serious sports enthusiast, and the hosts have become a punchline amongst the credible media, and even among the athletes they cover.

Oh, also this – “First Take” is the highest rated show on ESPN.

So, here’s my hypothetical – what if you could be in a position at work where you are compensated as a star. You bring money to the company (more than your more talented and credible colleagues) and you have complete job security for as long as your performance ratings remain high (minimum 3 years.) Sounds pretty good, right?

Wait, wait, wait – I’m not done.

The tradeoff for this position is this – you are a joke. A boob. A fool. No matter your success, you will always be viewed this way by your peers and colleagues. You will continue to be the bell cow for your company, but you are ridiculed as an incompetent jackass.

Would you do it?

I wouldn’t, and my guess is that most of you would refuse as well. How are you treated in your current job? Are you appreciated, respected, and valued? Have you made the rationalization to accept poor treatment in exchange for a paycheck?

What would Skip do?