Imagine future generations examining our lifestyles and wondering why we take so many pictures of ourselves.

You know why, right?

We love us.

We are beautiful, unique, and people desire to see our face (or other redeeming quality) as much as possible.

It’s the same mindset we see during organizational shake-ups. Mergers, re-structures, downsizings; whatever rocks the foundation of our pre-conceived notion of what our future will look like.

We take a “selfie.”

Screw the company, what about me???????

Instagram could design an app specifically for employees being acquired. “This is me freaking out.” “This one is me paralyzed with indecision.” “Here’s me trusting NOBODY.” “Here’s one where I’m downplaying the contributions of my colleagues.” “This is a favorite, this is me calling my physician for a stress-related leave of absence.”

These are not the images we want to leave as our legacy, but at some point we’ve all taken an unflattering selfie. The key is to learn the predictable ways that humans react, and decide how you can be the one to break the cycle.

THAT makes for a nice picture.