Not to get all Biblical on you, but the good book does say “No one can serve two masters.” (Matt 6:24) It actually says a whole lot of things, but for now let’s just focus our attention here.

Now, ol’ Matthew traveled with a pack of recruiters himself, so there is some wisdom in heeding this advice. But in our daily grind or balancing loyalties and clients, recruiters truly have a complicated dynamic.

As a matter of fact two “masters” may not even cover it for some of us; but it’s clear that there is an ever strengthening movement toward valuing our external clients as much as we might value our internal clients. In addition to our hiring managers, the recruiter is also facing an increased expectation to consider the candidate experience during the hiring process. We have one client that pays us, one client that needs us – who gets the lion’s share of our attention? And, more importantly, who can do both effectively?

One school of thought is that because a recruiter has two clients, a focus on one can only come at the expense of the other. In this scenario, there is a single continuum measuring the focus of the recruiter, with “candidate” and “hiring manager” representing the opposite extremes of the scale. So, if you were to focus on “candidate experience,” you move closer to the candidate side of the spectrum, and further away from the experience of our internal client.

That’s an either/or situation that doesn’t really hold water. In reality, we have two continuums operating simultaneously. The candidate and the hiring manager each have their own scale, both demanding our focus, both capable of improving or suffering independent of the other. That explains our current situation – we have a buyer’s market and seller’s market both competing for our recruiting bandwidth. The result of which is the loss of the most precious commodity we possess – TIME.

Seriously, what happened to time? Wasn’t technology supposed to make things better for us?


IF – it’s the right technology…and, IF we know how to maximize the capabilities of said technology.

Now we have “front end,” “back end,” metrics dashboards, automation, ATS, and whatever the CEO’s sister is going to sell us next year – and we STILL can’t get out of our own way.

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