Solving problems for my customers is what I do.  For that matter, it’s what we all do, right?  But how?

I’ve found that customers appreciate simple and effective over complex and grandiose.  However, HR gods and goddesses tend to take the perspective and behave in order to impress rather than improve.  Think of your customer solution like a great web site – the user should never be more than three clicks away from what they need.

Now, if you want a solution that really knocks the socks off your HR and executive partners, add value by building a simple solution that integrates fabulously with all the right systems.

Simple and systems are siblings, not rivals.  And it’s the great HR professional that gets this.  Your solution is best when it’s right for the customer on the front end and integrated into the necessary and right processes on the back end.

Whether it’s a functional integration (Finance, Legal, Compliance) or a process integration (performance management, communication, HRIS), the degree to which you’ve thought through and integrated your solution simply and effectively makes you a rock star.

It’s that simple.

Editors Note: Welcome Mary Fors to the HR Hardball “voice;” when she’s not running, reading, or traveling, she’s Directing Leadership Development at Asurion in Nashville, TN. Connect with her here; do it before she’s famous.