“I’m here to proof-read.”

Ironic, isn’t it? A man who is at the top of the pyramid for the nation’s most powerful clandestine organization can’t keep his own affair on the down-low? What hope does your average infidel have when the leader of the CIA can’t pull it off?

It’s not that I feel sympathy for General Petraeus, but as far as career train-wrecks go, this one is a doozy. We certainly don’t have all the information about what transpired between Petraeus, Broadwell, and the “Twins,” but it clearly looks as if the General was guilty of more than just bad judgment, he was also seen as a threat to National Security.

Here’s my only addition to the tomes of information that have already been written about this issue; it’s clear that people KNEW this was going on. Those close to the General had become increasingly suspicious, if not embarrassed, by the obvious “activities” going on between him and his biographer. The FBI has been sitting on this information for almost 6 months. So, the collective reaction is to file away under “none of my business?”

How different would this story be if someone had stepped up and confronted Petraeus when the affair became a real concern? Different circumstances, different world, but isn’t this similar to the same corporate misbehavior we’ve been witness to these last several years?

Step up people; there’s more to life than covering your own arse. These things rarely go unnoticed, only un-addressed.