When you get a couple old HR bulls pawing the dirt, the conversation goes fast & furious. Join me and Kris Dunn (“KD”) for a hash & dash that includes the changes in strategic planning, HAG’s, MBO’s (and other $5 terms) and COVID be damned if we’re going to remain in a fetal position in 2021.

KD talks about his love of proctoring, some interesting discoveries about ZOOM role-playing, all during an ever-expanding Groundhog Day…and the role HR plays as a career agent among other things.
We walk the razor’s edge of going political (we resisted) and shared a Hallmark movie moment.
As if that wasn’t compelling enough, KD crafts a tale tying grunge rock to the value of teamwork. Truly compelling stuff.

Fifty two minutes of all-American fun right below!

Get your ears listening to this now.