“Holy Algonquin Table Batman”

As I may have mentioned before, the time is right for Human Resources to embrace change & disruption to further the cause of strategic involvement. With chaos comes opportunity for innovation; companies who are fat & happy rarely want to rock the boat, so your immediate mindset should focus on companies who are hungry, desperate, floundering, and/or at-risk.

In HR, our sweet spot is operating in chaos. As a “support” function, we must prove our worth during turbulent times, lest we become the former support function.

The good news? More than likely, you have company.

Do yourself a favor; go hug your IT guy today. Bring a cup of Joe to your Finance gal. Individually, we stand as tactical support functions called upon to act on the whims of our “true” business partners. Together? Well, together we stand as a super-troika, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Yalta Conference (without over-specifying, HR is clearly the Winston Churchill of the group).

Times of uncertainty can create gaps in performance, communication, and leadership. Human Resources has the capacity to fill the gap in any (or all) of these critical areas. With the partnership of colleagues in IT and Finance, you can add metrics, technology, tracking, and forecasting to the mix.

As the cyclone of change descends upon your company, take the lead in your own involvement with the process of leading successful change. Dive in, take action, establish new (or expand existing) working relationships, and be a catalyst in shaping the “new” entity that will come as a result.

So when you hear about change on the horizon, hear the dinner bell rather than the alarm bell.

John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder of the HR Hardball™ movement. If you’re not driving the car, you can at least ride shotgun.

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