Will Ferrell is comedic genius, but he’s officially on my poop list.

You see, Will Ferrell is guilty of pulling a “Sandler,” i.e., he took a dive, called it a movie, and played us all for fools.

It hit me like a bad hangover the morning after watching this steaming pile of cinema called Anchorman 2…I realize it’s always a “buyer beware” situation when you invest time & money on a movie, but this was Anchorman, dude, how bad could it be?

Answerexceptionally bad. Not only that, but long and exceptionally bad. Almost, dare I say, intentionally bad.

How do I know I’m right?…the shark.

A freaking shark. There’s a freaking shark in the movie – get it? “Jump the Shark?” The opening and closing scenes all involve said shark – Ferrell is obviously and overtly telling us that he is intentionally taking this movie outside of the “cult comedy” status and into the “ridiculously stupid & offensive” category, just to see if we’d still pay to watch.

I did, and I’m dumber for it. The funny thing is, no one seems to want to admit it – this movie got 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s 8% higher than the original Anchorman – and that, m’friends, is nuts.

The expectations and relentless build-up for this sequel provided a groundswell of anticipation that clouded the judgment of at least 73% of those who viewed the end result.

But someone needs to call a pig a pig.

Oink, Will…….oink.