It happens to very one of us; some fad or buzz-worthy movement will pass us by, either via out-of-sight stealthness or deliberate ignorance. Or…sometimes we just decide it’s obviously stupid.

For me, “The Walking Dead,” serves as an example. How can a show so gross and so poorly performed become a critical and popular success? I don’t know, but this ridiculous show certainly has a strong foothold of support, so maybe I just don’t get it (for that matter, the whole “Zombie Movement” rivals only the Justin Bieber phenomena in terms of bizarre and unexplainable.)

But I’ve actually seen zombies.

Truth is, you’ve probably seen zombies, too. They are usually stumbling down the corridors in a recently acquired company. Blank, emotionless expressions; slow, almost trance-like gait; life seemingly sucked out of their vapid, soul-less carcass.

It’s sad, really. These are the stunned and unsettled employees who are either unwilling or incapable of adapting to the new company for which they work. It’s not uncommon for the vast majority of employees in the “bought” category to go through a similar experience, at least in the short-term; we may consciously ignore the changes, determine that the changes are stupid, or even leave the company ~ but we get over it. “Zombies,” on the other hand, stay in the dark place of the undead, never fully committing to their new world; “alive” in the sense they still shuffle through the hallways, but dead in terms of contributing any real value. Not surprisingly, they are slowly but surely taken out with a crossbow.

Allow yourself time to grieve the loss of all things as they wereThen, make the conscious decision to move quickly to a better frame of mind, support the new cause, and get on board. Energy, excitement, zeal ~ these are the qualities that show “life.”

(And don’t let the other “zombies” sneak up on you.)

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John “Whit” Whitaker is Founder and OH (Original Hardballer); HR Hardball™ is a blunt, self-aware, and sometimes snarky perspective of Human Resources.