Fridays posts always have a different tone – hopefully the “ass” didn’t scare you off.

A man and his son were walking the family donkey to market when they heard an onlooker chastise them, “Fools, why walk when you have an animal to ride?” Hearing this, the two mounted the donkey and began riding into town, only to hear two passerby’s whisper “Look at that, two healthy men riding that poor animal.” The father quickly dismounted and began walking aside the animal,while his son continued to ride – at that point a man watching them muttered, “The shame…a son rides while his elder father walks.


“laugh it up old man, laugh it up…”

The men switched places, and now the father rode the donkey while his son walked alongside. A woman villager saw this and was compelled to comment,”What lazy man rides while his poor young son is forced to walk?

As they approached the bridge leading into the market, their options were almost exhausted. Incredibly, the man & son decided to carry the donkey, hoping to avoid the disdain of anyone else. They tied the donkeys fore and hind feet to a pole, then lifted the beast and began the tedious journey across the bridge.

It wasn’t long before the donkey, scared and somewhat confused, began to kick and thrash about, causing the boy to lose his grip on the pole. The animal fell into the river below, and, unable to unbind his feet – he soon drowned.

Aesop’s Moral – “Please all and you will please none.

Hardball Interpretation – “If you try to please everyone, eventually you’ll lose your ass.